My nutrition culinary blog

My names is Linpu Wang, and people call me James since It is easier to say. I personally love fresh tasting foods, such as greens, fruits and salmon sashimi. I am learning culinary because being a chef and able to make delicious food have always been a fascination to me. Cooking is a skill that belongs to myself, no one can steal it. Also, If I learn the culinary skills deeply, I can go to any places in the world and use my skills to earn a living.unnamed.jpg

Nutrition is interesting  and very important refers to health. Eating nutritious food can avoid many hard deceases and stay live&healthy! I would like to learn more about how to match different nutritious food that will be the best for different people.

Sometimes when I think about my job and my lifestyle  in the future, I am not really sure what is it going to be, but one thing for sure is that I will be enjoying eating healthy and nutritious food and own my own restaurants or coffee-houses. when I think about that, I know I have to work hard to own it.

I feel nutrition is really important in the culinary industry now and in the future too. The  reason why I think so is because people care about health more than the past, and I believe people will think a lot of nutrition more.

I found the website and there are few things that make me think It is not a credible website. First, the author of the website is called Matt Stone and I searched his name on google but nothing comes out. As a result, there wouldn’t be any qualifications to say. Also, the informations are mostly his thought and I rarely see him doing citations.

On the other hand, I choose the credible website 

The website is made of The Government of Canada, and of course, the authors are from The Government of Canada so that makes everyone believes,  and everyone has to believe it.  The website has the specific date that shows when did the page done. Everything is right and credible.



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