Blog 1: My Culinary Biography

My names is Linpu Wang, and people call me James since It is easier to say.


Being a chef and able to make delicious food have always been a fascination to me. Cooking is a skill that belongs to myself, no one can steal it. Also, If I learn the culinary skills deeply, I can go to any places in the world and use my skills to earn a living.

I’m currently not working in the industry, I hope that I will get a well job after I finish learning from George Brown college.

Since culinary is practical, people can build their confidences through each step of cooking, and when the dish is done, It is like a piece of art that they have created.

This is the first time that I create my blog, I hope that I could gain the knowledges from many different areas such as socializing and professional stuff.

Cooking is an art, but all art requires knowing something about the techniques and materials” – Nathan Myhrvold         ( )


(Photo taken by me in Fairmont Chateau Laurier  in Ottawa)


From what I always believed, vegan foods keep people calm and away from some serious  illness. I found this picture from contains full of vegetables.

I watched a lot of blogs, but one of them I enjoyed was

The blogger’s name is Erin Alderson, the reasons why I want to emulate is that this blog always put clear procedures and let readers understand everything clearly and simply. Especially he eats vegan foods, and shows vegan foods can contain enough nutrients that human need. He makes vegetables and fruits look delicious so people can not refuse to eat, just like juicy meat! What I think that he could do better is he should let people know  some professional facts about vegan foods and the differences  between eating only meat and eating meat but mixed with vegan foods.


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